Heal Our Blindness

The value of stewardship living is difficult to see unless we are experiencing that way of life for ourselves. You can read 100 Everyday Stewardship reflections and go to church every Sunday, but unless you are actively growing in faith and trying to live a life of generous stewardship, you cannot see the power of such a lifestyle. Like most things, we need direct, purposeful experiences to really understand.

I worked in a stewardship parish for over 20 years, but it was only after I started treating all I have as God’s, and began to actively offer all I am to Him for His glory, that I really got the message. That doesn’t mean I am a perfect steward. Far from it! However, the stress and anxiety that comes with life has greatly diminished because all is in God’s hands. I choose to act more generously than before, which provides me with a sense of fulfillment and joy. How I act towards my family, friends, and even people I meet daily has changed. Now I am more mindful of their presence, and I seek to give them a part of me that just might change their day and bring them a little closer to Christ. I am transforming into a disciple who seeks to use all I have been given to transform all that is around me.

It would be a shame to be blind to the important things for an entire life. Today, consider taking a path of life-changing stewardship. Give it all to God. In the midst of all you have been given, you just might find God in a profound way. You may even find the real person God created you to be.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS


Courtesy of LPi

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