Reminders for Parishioners

Reopening reminders – June 12, 2020

We are so happy to welcome you all back into the church!  Here are a few reminders for you as we reopen:

  • Please wear your face mask/covering when attending Mass.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer fro personal use.
  • Be patient as we social distance.

An usher will be seating all who attend Mass. We understand that this may not be your favorite pew to sit in, but it is for the safety of all of us as we follow the CDC guidelines and guidelines provided by the Diocese.

We ask for everyone to please be patient with our volunteers and keep a sense of humor as we all do our very best to adapt to our new way of parish life.

Remember why we all come to church and the rest will all fall into place!

For more in depth information on the reopening guidelines and what to expect, please visit out website here: where you can find details on what to expect, how to prepare before coming to Mass, and how Mass will flow.

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