Three times each year, the parish focuses on one of the three components of Catholic Stewardship. In February, we ask members to devote some of their talent to God, by serving the
parish in one or more of our various ministries. We ask people to use God’s gifts to do God’s work, and refer to Edmund Burke’s warning: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing”.  In April, we ask parishioners to dedicate an appreciable amount of time to improve their relationship with God – by praying, by reading and studying the scriptures, by taking part in a small group, by Eucharistic Adoration, and so forth. Our slogan is, “Time flies, but you are the pilot”. In September, we ask people to dedicate a good percentage of their treasure to enable the parish to remain solvent, and to continue to provide the services and ministries you are reading about in this publication.
For more information, contact Chairperson Tim Salisbury through the rectory at 836-0011.